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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ecuador vs Argentina: All is not lost yet

Two superb goals against one of the most accomplished national teams in the world. That's what Ecuador needed to get back in the hunt for a place in next year's world cup. That is what they got. After an inspired 2-1 win at Conmebol's current whipping boys Peru, the zero latitude country needed another win to put it once more within the top 5 of the South American conference. An awesome shot from a distance by Ayovi (made Sportscenter on ESPN Deportes, Fox Sports en Espanol as the one of the top goals of the week), and another great shot from Pablo Palacios sent Maradona, Messi, Tevez and company packing. The "gauchos" have a lot on their hands still. They are only 2 points clear of Ecuador with 4 games left.

Yes, I was pessimistic on a previous post when Paraguay and Brazil tied Ecuador in Quito on successive qualifiers. I thought the road was over. Not yet. Ecuador has a couple of cards left and although we may all irk at the thought of playing the numbers game, this time we don't really have a choice. In a perfect world the team would win all its remaining matches. Instead they are now pitted against direct rivals (Colombia, Uruguay), away to ailing (almost eliminated) Bolivia, and a final match in Santiago de Chile. Any rescued points from Colombia on game 1 (even 1 point) keeps the team tied for 5th (play-in against Concacaf's 4th). If Peru beats Uruguay things are even more interesting because Ecuador would be in sole possession of 5th place. Also, at this point we pretty much want Chile to win all its remaining games except the final against Ecuador. Paraguay should beat Bolivia and Argentina-Brazil is a free-for-all.

I won't speculate further because I may just jinx the whole thing. Instead, let's enjoy yesterday's majestic goals:

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Alastair McCandless said...

Congrats on a great win! Both spectacular goals - I like their chances with what they have left.