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Saturday, June 12, 2010

To be or not to be: USA vs England

To win or not to win. That is the question. A tie or a blowout. In soccer, always a possibility. I will not dwell on pessimism and I will not build this up as the most important match the US will play in this tournament. Instead, let's celebrate the game for what it is: another chance to dream.

For some of us, this game represents another triumph for US soccer. Consider the amount of media resources covering this game. Consider the fact that major teams study US tactics to not experience the same as Portugal (2002), Mexico (2007), Egypt and Spain (2009). Consider that MLS is becoming a major force in Concacaf and that it provides quality players that work in important leagues (EPL, Calcio). Consider that Altidore went to Spain for $10 million. Consider how the British media is covering the likes of Donovan, Dempsey and Howard. Consider that the US bought the second largest number of tickets for South Africa.

We are a nation of dreamers and heroes. We lose battles and we win battles. We have a hard working team and we're confident that, win or lose, they will play the 90 minutes with the same intensity. It may be England that wins today, but US soccer has already won in the minds of fans. It will not be long before the US becomes a soccer power in the world.

We believe.

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