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Sunday, October 11, 2009

A triumph: USA qualifies for South Africa

It was a triumph on the pitch in San Pedro Sula tonight. A triumph because it meant reaching the World Cup with a game to spare. A triumph because they showed why they share the top of Concacaf with Mexico. A triumph because they won a game away from home to a team that had not lost at home. A triumph because the boys played smart, attractive soccer and chose not to hunker down in front of an enemy hungry for goals. A triumph because we chose to watch the game at a bar or cinema or a computer screen once the American media failed to secure rights to the Honduras game. A triumph because we didn't resort to a "savior coach" as Mexico and Argentina did. A triumph because Bob Bradley can once again silence his critics. A triumph because Altidore, Davies, Holden and Bradley Jr will see playing time on the biggest soccer stage there is. A triumph because we got lucky and Pavon had a bad night. A triumph because Donovan showed up once more with a screamer of a free kick. A triumph because there weren't more yellow cards aside from Bornstein. A triumph because Holden stood in remarkably well for Dempsey. A triumph because Conor Casey proved us all wrong by scoring two of the most important goals in the history of this qualifying cycle. A triumph because the US back line stood together and frustrated the Honduran attack. A trumph because they remembered how to win against the odds. A triumph because they remembered how to play.

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Alastair McCandless said...

Wow they missed a PK with only minutes to go, glad I missed that, I would have had a heart attack.