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Thursday, May 28, 2009

MLS 2009 Attendance stats week 11

Another quick one. It's nice to see Colorado (16528) and Dallas (9595) partly recover. Outside of the Champion's League hoopla we have our domestic league nearing the halfway point. As I watch a replay of yesterday's final ahead of today's collision between top Western team Chivas against Blanco and his Eastern leaders Chicago I suddenly realize that the reason they are showing these games back to back is possibly because ESPN lost out the television rights of next season's Champions League to Fox Soccer Channel. What will this do to the sport in the US? God only knows. ESPN has been dropping the ball when it comes to MLS coverage by somehow regarding it as less of a sport than poker (why is this on sports TV in the first place?). Still, I think ESPN should capitalize on this by targeting international soccer more. Maybe following the top teams in the world through qualifying, friendlies, etc.

Back to MLS attendance. Another look at how my relative attendance figures match up against raw numbers in the western conference. This allows us to see the capacity of each of the stadiums and how full they are from a cumulative standpoint. Notice that San Jose, for example, has very low attendance numbers but its capacity means a full stadium on most days. To me that's more important. I rather have a full small stadium than a mostly empty giant one (Giants Stadium, Gillette, etc.).

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