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Monday, June 2, 2008

Canada attacks

Well, well. Look at what our friend from north of the border has done. They still lost to Brazil, yes, but they made the game closer than the 5 time world champs would have liked and looked far more impressive in style and play than the Americans looked at any point during their visit to Wembley. If it wasn't for Serioux serious error or De Guzman's errant back pass, Canada might have come away with an important tie. De Guzman's long shot was nothing short of spectacular (just check out the video) and their ability with the ball both defensively and offensively is enough to have Mexico, Honduras and Jamaica worried ahead of their (presumptive) "cuadrangular" later this summer and into the fall for the initiation of the penultimate phase of CONCACAF World Cup qualifiers. I would be very concerned if I was Bob Bradley that this team could go on to the last round of qualifiers (the US should make it, we hope, through the following phase). Here's why: 1.) attacking speed, 2.) similar style of play, 3.) lots of MLS players, 4.) brand new fan base and stadium.

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Alastair McCandless said...

The Canadian dollar is now worth more than the US version too. I feel like our annexation by the Canucks is only a matter of time.