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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

MLS Attendance stats week 7

I have updated the attendance figures and loaded them onto the right column complete with attendance averages and relative averages for each conference. I've done a great deal more in the way of graphical analysis that I will share with you throughout the season. In the meantime I've inserted pie graphs of the current attendance figures and how each team's attendance relates to the other teams in its conference. In the east DCU and TFC lead the way with their fervent fans. I must note that only DC and KC have had 4 games. All other teams have 3 home games each. Out west the story is different. Here we see the large Beckham effect with 5 home games for the Galaxy at or near capacity (27,000). Honorable mention to the great fans of recently-expanded RSL. May their new home continue to bring fans and turn into a new cauldron in the west. Also note that San Jose has a much smaller stadium (Buck Shaw, 10,500) and thus will have a modest presence in this table. Chivas lags far behind, although this may partially be due to unrest amongst factions of its supporters. Enjoy the figs and let me know if there's something else you'd like analyzed and shown here.

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