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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Charlie Davies returns

Charlie Davies returned to first team action in yesterday's DC United season opener against the Columbus Crew. DC won the game by the score of 3-1 thanks to goals from Josh Wolff and Charlies Davies. I write this peace only to point out the second goal by Charlie. It is his vintage speed, adaptability, placement and positioning. He sneaks around Marshall after the defender's mistake with the bounce. His speed into the area and quick movement around Will Hesmer (GK) allow him to position himself for the final shot. A second defender for the Crew attempts to block the empty net. Charlie switches the field of motion of the ball, sliding down and kicking to his left, fooling the defender and the rightward-shift of the entire play. Well done indeed. Welcome back, Charlie.

Video disabled due to Copyright so I removed it from the site. Here's a link instead.

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