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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Liverpool Returns and Performs in the EPL

Photo credit: The Guardian
Liverpool FC, undoubtedly one of the more recognized names in world soccer, has had its long-overdue reawakening. With an unstopabble Suarez, a calm Steven Gerrard and a stout central spine, this team is fun to watch and nearly unstoppable.

Liverpool won't stop scoring. That's the long and short of it. With a league-high 88 goals in favor and all of April and May still to go, and a Luis Suarez primed for a record-breaking streak, it's hard to see how this team can be stopped right now.

Brendan Rogers has finally turned this team around after lackluster performances for almost a decade. The team has not won a major tournament since the Champions League in 2005 and domestically they have not won the league since the 1980s. Back then they had a dynasty. Lately, they were knocked out of the top four for several years until now.

Today's Liverpool is a great respite from the monopolizing Manchester United, Manchester City and Cheslea. And where we might have thought that Arsenal would walk away with the league during the first semester of the tournament, it is now clear that Wenger's team has imploded, paving the way for the Merseyside team.

Anfield deserves a major victory after all the work this team has done. From Skrtel to Sturridge, Leiva to Coutinho, this side has a wealth of dedicated stars to support Suarez in his exploits.

Whatever happens in April, Liverpool deserves where it is right now at the top of the Premier League table. This is going to be a classic finish to the league and all of us fans of the sport are rooting for the team that scores the most and enjoys the game. Right now that is Liverpool.

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