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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Ecuador focus: Introducing the Vierja Corner

Much of the commentary and analysis provided on this blog has been very America-centric in nature due to my location. More recent focus has been placed on the US national team. However, to stay true to my roots, I have often also touched upon Ecuador fútbol. It is this fact that has prompted me to start a new segment to the futbolusa.net blog.

The "Vierja Corner" will be a Spanish-language commentary section authored by futbolusa.net contributor Javier Velásquez Villacís. He worked alongside the award-winning Mauro Velásquez Villacís for many years prior to Mauro's retirement in Ecuador media such as Canal 4 on television and Radio Caravana, and Atalaya and Sucre radio stations, and radiofuego.com. Other experts he has worked with in Ecuador are Valenciano, Manuel Kun, Raúl Villar (Radio Sucre), Jorge Lao, Pedro Santos, Alberto Sánchez Varas (periodista) and Jacinto Landázuri (Radio Caravana).

Please join me in welcoming him and his brilliant and thoughtful commentary (en español). You can follow him on twitter at @vv_javier.

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