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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Frank Lampard: Legend and History

Photo credit: The Telegraph

As we watched the Aston Villa versus Chelsea match this Saturday morning many of us wondered about the future of players on this Chelsea team. With the certain exit of Rafa Benitez as coach and a possible return from the Special One, Jose Mourinho, it was clear that there would be a certain change in the team. This includes Frank Lampard, the cornerstone of this squad for the last twelve years.

Many of us have memories of his plays and goals, from fans to rivals, coaches and fellow players, one constant remained: absolute talent. His clutch goals always came at the right time and in the most remarkable manners. At the end of the game, the end of the first half, the middle of a certain loss. Lampard fought through his relegation to the bench as coaches like Ancelloti, Villas-Boas and Rafa Benitez came and went. He sat out from the national team while Steven Gerrard took his spot. In reality, they are similarly gifted individuals in the same position on the pitch.

Lampard had arguably his best years under Jose Mourinho and whispers about the great Portuguese's comeback make us feel that Lampard will stick around at Stamford Bridge. It is certain, however, that with his contract ending this summer and his unwillingness to sign a contract as of yet, that he might be on his way out. And where would he go? MLS, possibly to the Galaxy to take over David Beckham's old spot.

Whatever Lamps' future holds for him, he has cemented his place in English football lore. He became Chelsea Football Club's all time leading scorer with his brace today, and by doing so he also made sure the team will be in the Uefa Champions League next year. There he continued to build on his legacy and history continued to be written. A player and a legend. A gentleman and a star. Frank Lampard will always be a constant reminder of football's greatest position: the playmaker.

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