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Saturday, September 22, 2012

MLS Attendance Statistics Week 28

As the MLS season begins to wind down, a few locations in the attendance arena show some real patterns compared to years past. Nowhere is this more a fact than in New York. The Red Bulls may have 3 designated players in Thierry Henry, Rafa Marquez and Tim Cahill, but big bucks and a shiny, recently-built stadium haven't translated into the filled arenas seen in Seattle, Portland, Kansas City, Philadelphia and Houston.

New York's deficit compared to last year now stands at almost 3000 seats. This is after a considerable positive jump in the past two years following the completion of RBA and the signing of Henry and Marquez. So what is it? Quality on the pitch? Hardly, in my opinion. Accessibility of venue? Nope. Style of play? Maybe. New direction for team? Perhaps. We will see after this season is complete. Maybe New York needs the other New York team to start playing.

Another sore spot for MLS these days is Toronto FC. The once-gleaming venue for full stadiums and ardent fans, has now run into its 6th year of mediocrity. The team has yet to make it into the playoffs and the fans have begun to notice. What was once 100% attendance has since become 80%. The same fate could be in hand for the Timbers if they are unable to capitalize on a dedicated fan base.

The numbers:

Team Average Relative Median
DC 13833 71 14131
KC 19296 104 19422
NE 12690 63 12523
CLB 14140 69 13651
TOR 18480 80 18773
CHI 15956 80 16914
NYRB 16744 66 16464
PHI 18217 98 18412
HOU 20850 95 21423
MON 23100 114 19223
LA 22309 83 21731
CHV 13285 71 13594
DAL 13590 66 12203
SJ 13633 130 10525
COL 14975 83 14987
RSL 18897 94 19341
SEA 42327 110 38934
POR 20438 100 20438
VAN 19409 92 19394

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