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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Dissolving the American Rangers

Photo credit: SNS Group 
At one point the Glasgow Rangers was the ultimate American soccer destination for a sizable fraction of Yanks playing abroad. From Claudio Reyna and DaMarcus Beasley as the more classic representatives to Alejandro Bedoya, a promising young US star. Scarcely a few months ago, however, debt and tax problems forced the team to go into administration and was demoted by league members to the Sottish third division.

So what are the Americans to do? Along with Bedoya are two automatic starters for the national team: Carlos Bocanegra and Maurice Edu. None of these players are keen to return to MLS and there is a future in Europe still. For Bedoya, even a return to the Swedish first division would work. Edu could have a chance in bigger markets in England, Germany, Italy and Spain. For Bocanegra, a move to the Mexican Primera wouldn't be so bad.

It's sad to see such a storied club like Rangers go down in such a drastic manner. This is, after all, the Manchester United, New York Yankees of Scotland. For the Americans, however, it means perhaps less lucrative deals wherever they end up. Still, for a player like Maurice Edu, a move to a bigger club with more chances at being in the Champions League is a plus. Bedoya's lack of playing time meant less chances with the national team, so a move to better on-field opportunities is a welcome one. In the end, this unfortunate event might end up benefiting each of the players and the national team itself.

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